Selected writings


“Deep in the Amazon, A Tiny Tribe is Beating Big Oil,” cover story, Yes! Magazine, Spring 2015. A journey into the Ecuadorian rainforest to learn how the community of Sarayaku has held off Big Oil for two decades.

“My Day in Prison With Nelson Mandela,” motherjones.com & Boston Globe, December 2013. The day that I spent with Nelson Mandela as he returned to his final prison.

Building a Healthy Food System in Rural America,” Eating Well, July/August 2009. How a handful of organic farmers, world-class cheesemakers and a locavore restaurant transformed Hardwick, Vermont—a poor, rural town—into a foodie mecca.

“A Few Good Kids,” Mother Jones, September/October 2009. How No Child Left Behind, an education law, allows military recruiters to collect info on million of teens.

“Hard Time Out,” Mother Jones, July/August 2008. How doodling on her desk in school landed an eighth grade girl in jail, and other tales from the school-to-prison pipeline.

“Apartheid’s Man and Me,” Los Angeles Times, Nov. 3, 2006. One day when I was living in South Africa, my car broke down near the home of former apartheid strongman, President P.W. Botha. While waiting for my car to be fixed, I paid him a visit.  

“Recruiting the Class of 2005,” Mother Jones, Jan/Feb 2002. Military programs have expanded into thousands of public high schools, signing up nearly half a million students. Is Junior ROTC building character — or lining up soldiers?

Other investigative stories for Mother Jones can be found here.


“Big Ski in Big Sky,” Boston Globe, Nov. 8, 2014. “I’m greedy. I like all types of skiing. I want epic downhill, champagne powder, perfect cross-country, pristine backcountry. Add a historic gourmet lodge, and the list of destinations where you can have it all is decidedly short.” I found them all on a trip to Montana.

“Skiing Wild: New Hampshire’s Pemigewasset Wilderness,” AMC Outdoors, Nov/Dec 2012. Backcountry skiing in the East’s largest wilderness area.

Other articles on skiing in New England can be found here.


“Take Us Out to the Ballparks,” Boston Globe, August 23, 2014. A quest to visit all 30 major league baseball parks with my 14 year old son was overly ambitious. But we could at least try. 

Kayaking the Big Melt,” Canoe & Kayak Magazine, April 2013. Kayaking to the front lines of climate change in Alaska.


The Flood,” Yankee Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011. When Tropical Storm Irene struck Vermont, rain-swollen waterways washed away homes, bridges and roads in my town. Amid the destruction, my neighbors found hope in one another.

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